First off road adventure in our jeep Boblets Gap

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So after what felt like an eternity we finally got settled into our apartment in Virginia. We ask around a little to find out where we could go to actually take the Jeep off road. By off road we mean without tearing it completely up, we understand there is always some risk. But with the car costing 40k now since it has the lift and new shoes we don’t want to run it off a cliff. We had several leads and one beautiful Sunday we got up early and were all excited. We got in the jeep drove about 30-45 mins following the GPS to our destination and found…wait for…. it a closed gate. We didn’t want to waste the weather and had passed a biking/hiking trail along the way so we back tracked. It was a very nice long rather intense trail that had some nice hills. However after walking this trail we found it was mostly for bikers as we were constantly moving off the path to let them pass. This did give me the ideal that we need bikes, lets face it riding is much more fun the walking. Anyway we got a nice workout in then headed home for the day to get new directions for the next Jeep Trail to try.

We talked to coworkers and found another path to try. This time we did some research first on the internet and headed out the next weekend. After arriving to the GPS destination the road kept narrowing as we drove down it, which to me was a good sign. The road came to a weird cross section where the gravel went right but to the left was a dirt path of sorts. We both looked at each other and smiled then off to the left we went. We made it about 600 ft onto this road and noticed a sign that said road closed August to January but the gate there was open so I shrugged and said lets see how it goes. As we continued our drive the road was dirt with some rocks and was only wide enough for one vehicle. I looked at Rebecca and asked her if there is another car coming the other way umm how do we get past each other? Rocks and a big hill were on each side of us rolling over the edge was not an option, but none the less onward we went. The trail was never difficult enough that 4WD was needed, however without the lift I felt there would have been a few spots that may have been challenging for a stock height Jeep. As we drove we didn’t pass any other vehicles however we did pass some people on the side where there was enough room to place a tent, we waved and kept driving hoping to not hear a chainsaw and seeing any masked monster type guys jump out of the tent. The first half of the trip was mostly uphill was a couple decent size rocks that had to be driven slow over but the jeep handled it like a champ.

We traveled about 2 miles and found a neat looking bridge and got out for a few minutes to enjoy the quiet and take some pitctures. We said maybe we should have brought our hero Gannicus, but as we had a few moments to think about it he would have been tossed all around the back seat since sitting down is not a trick he knows yet. We loaded back up and started the descent down again a few decent size rocks and a just a couple ruts made it more “off roady” then a normal dirt road. About half way down the mountain we may have run over a little twig that just kept dragging so I had to get out to perform some routine off road maintenance. I found this under are jeep, after clearing it out it was smooth sailing down the side of the mountain. We did find a “gentleman ” with his dogs on the trail. After a nice wave no banjos were heard playing anywhere so our descent continued. Although I still want to know where that man lived since we were miles away from any houses.

We cleared the mountain without any big worries or my favorite part…no damage to the jeep. Overall it was a very easy trail I would give it a 2 out of 10 for difficulty, which was fine since this was really my first off road with a full size vehicle. I have been going out with ATV’s for years but of course this was a bit different. I would recommend it if you just have a stock or slightly modified jeep that you don’t want damaged for a nice 45 minute to 1 hour drive. It was probably 6 miles or so total up and down the trail. For the next trail we are going to try and find something maybe a little bit more difficulty and maybe some small creek crossings but we shall see so stay tuned. As any other Jeep drivers know it is hard to find the off road trails.


Free and cheap things to visit in Plymouth

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We were lucky enough to work for a summer in Plymouth, Massachusetts and while it is a beautiful area it is also a tourist area. I am sure you are thinking…well duh. What I am trying to get at is having the whole family to pay for can really add up.  We only had the two of us but as you already know we like to do as much for free as we can, see our post on how we are going to Disney World for FREE! In that post we talk about how we earned free money for our trip but in this post we are telling you completely free things to do in Plymouth.  To be 100% honest you may have to pay for parking.

The first stop you should make is Plymouth Rock…..yes we know if may be a little anticlimactic for some but it is still a must see.  The history in this area of our country runs deep and this is a huge piece of that history. We do want you to remember though it is a rock…but it’s free to see. It is located in Pilgrim Memorial State Park down on the waterfront. We were lucky enough to be here during part of the off season when the crowds were not horrible but construction was going on. This is also where you would see the replica of the iconic Mayflower….however we saw the port where it should have been. It is currently undergoing restoration so if you plan on seeing that this summer you may want to put your trip on hold until it returns in 2019.

The downtown walking can be expected for an old small town. The buildings are nice, as always some are nicer then others. They all have that old rustic, new to America, feeling to them. Make sure you  take the stairs up to Burial Hill and see where some of the original settlers are lay to rest. They certainly have a pretty great view for eternity.

Plymouth also has a neat little built in game, as you travel around downtown and the waterfront there are hand painted lobsters tucked all over town.

They stand about 5 feet tall so you can see them from a distance and they are all named. I believe there are about 29 of them strewn across town so see if you can find them all. We had family in town to visit and we got about 15 of them. There are all kinds of shops varying from the many food establishments to antique stores (although I don’t think you will find many bargains as again this is a tourist town and they want your money too). However this did bring you to one of the cooler features we found. In one of the stores downtown, I wont say which, there is a old bank vault. It is in one of the back rooms and we challenge you to find it. The area is nice and clean you will probably find a shop for just about everyone in your family. Some of our personal favorites are the candy store (of course), and the store tucked back in on the waterfront that has Harry Potter items.

After our walk on the waterfront we found a nice little trail that leads to the Grist mill. It is a paved walking trail that leads you along the banks of a bubbling little stream.

There are some small little stops along the way that have historical facts, and statues. I am pretty sure one of the first settlers was an Eddy so I’m pretty sure you owe America to me somehow right?!?! After about 1/2 mile or so it leads you to the outside of the Gist mill, now there is an admission fee to get in so we bypassed that certain part but the outside has a working water feed mill that you easily take pictures with.

Then head on down to the waterfront again where there is a jetty that goes out approximately 3/4 mile into the harbor giving you a nice view of all the boats coming and going. You have to be careful here the rocks are big and pretty uneven. We decided against taking our puppy down it and returned on a later date to accomplish the mission of walking the jetty. Again all these things were free, but of course to do a lot of the other things like eat, take the tours, and even park costs money. We did splurge on the Captain John’s Whale Watch so be sure to check out if we thought it was worth the money here. So be prepared if you want to do any of those you will need to take a few bucks with you. But overall its a nice experience and we would recommend it just to see where it all started in our great country. Did we miss any of your favorite free stops here in Plymouth let us know.


Whale watching Plymouth MA, worth the money?

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We started our whale watching experience in Plymouth, MA.  She has been a few times on the west coast and loves it. One of several choices on the pier was named Capt. John whale watching and you can find it HERE. We walked up to the little booth and asked to purchase 2 adult tickets which ran us $49.00 a piece. Children ages 4-12 were $29.00 and seniors came in at $39.00. While it was on the expensive side we figured we would have to splurge a little to see some of the more exciting things the ocean has to offer. So we ponied up the cash to get on board and into the line we went. We were about 20 minutes early and when the time arrived they opened the gates to board promptly which was nice. We headed to the top of the boat since it was a double decker. We figured there would be a better view up top, however the bottom tier had padded seats. We chose the view over more comfortable seats so you will have to pick your poison. Just be aware it was about a 80 minute boat ride out to the action so the steal seats up top get a little uncomfortable after that long. Getting out of the bay there were at least lighthouses and other boats to see along with houses out in the middle of the sandbar.

But….once you hit the open water you better like to people watch because there is nothing but water surrounding you. The boat was a decent size, we had 150 people on board, they let us know the total capacity was 300 so being half full you never felt cramped. As the ride went along we got a little parched and we went looking for the selling area which is on the first deck. They sell the normal money making things, we got a bottle of water for 2 dollars. They also sold little things you might have forgotten like sun screen, for us albinos who never get any sun and burn if we aren’t coated it in. The prices were not movie gouging prices but not dirt cheap either.

The tour guide did give us some nice information about the whales as we traveled out to our destination. We were lucky enough to have some whale conservationist on board that are doing a study. After introductions they invited anyone that wanted to talk more or learn about their mission to come up and they were happy to answer any questions. They also had some whale bones for everyone to view up close and personal. This lasted about 30 minutes and then it was just us and the water. It was nice day, not to hot but being on the water the heat can be very deceiving. This was evident by the sunburn she received while saying she was a little cold.

The moment of truth arrived about 80 – 90 minutes in we heard the motors slow and the tour guide told us this is a favorite area of the whales and for everyone to start looking for whale blows and birds. These are the two main signs that whales were near so everyone went to side hoping to find what we were out here for. Then it happened about 5 minutes you heard a person say “look over there” and sure enough you seen 2 tails out of the water. The boat came to life to shuttle us in closer but not to fast to not disturb them. We were able to get to about 40 or 50 feet away and really get a good view of two humpback whales feeding. It was a pretty epic sight to see these two behemoths in their natural habitat. They would come to the surface you would see them spout the water out of their backs, dive 2 or 3 times then almost as if there is some pattern they would go straight down tails slipping into the water ever so majestically. We followed them for about 30 minutes and when several more vessels came over to view them as well we left the area so the whales would not feel trapped or overwhelmed.

As we left the area one of the other boats radioed to us and let us know a new location of two other humpbacks. When we arrived they were doing the same hunting and eating as the other two it was really interesting to watch. All of these whales have names and stories, they identify them by the markings on their tales.

Some of these whales have been visiting the area for over 30 years.  It was a very fun trip and I definitely would recommend doing this. We had her nieces with us and the kids really seemed to enjoy watching these mammals in their natural habitat.


How to go to Disney World for FREE!

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We have decided that a trip to Disney World is going to happen in December. Between the cash back apps that she uses, and tells me about every time we go to the store, and the cash back on our credit cards we plan on pretty much going to Disney for free or really darn close. You see we don’t want to open up multiple new credit cards for the sing on rewards. After all who wants 15 credit cards that have to fumble thru your wallet and/or $300 purse (just kidding she at least has restraint on expensive purses) to find the right one, just to get the bonus. We are strictly using what we already have at our disposal.  Now a couple different things I feel like I need to mention.

  • This is a quickly planned trip on a shorter time span than most people would use for Disney World…we leave in 6 months! With that being said we may not have all the money earned before we take this trip. You would need to look at your time frame for saving.
  • We do have $532 saved up as of June 10, 2017, one week after we decided to take the trip. This is all FREE money but it was earned before we started planning this trip.
  • Our trip is for 3 people for 4 nights on a Disney Resort, with 3 days in the parks, and park hopper tickets, we also decided to splurge on a night at Mickey’s Merry Christmas Party. Our trip total for all these things plus our flight (3 round trip tickets on Spirit from Akron OH with luggage included) is $2484. This does not include food of course.

The most important thing you can do is use your cash back credit card on everything and I mean everything. You want some gum when you walk in a gas station bam use the card! The second most important thing you do is pay off those cards each month. If you can’t afford to pay off what you put on there when you make the purchase DO NOT do it. That would make this method counterproductive because you would be paying the interest charges.

  • Pay attention to what cash back perks your cards offer. It will beneficial to use different cards at different places.
    • We use a Chase Freedom card for everyday purchases with 1.5% cash back on all purchases.
    • Chase Disney Reward Visa for Disney related purchases as well as some monthly bills right now, they have a special going on where you get 4% for:
      • Insurance
      • Phone Bills
      • Cable
      • Internet
      • Utilities
    • For anything we purchase on Amazon we have our Amazon Prime Store Card. Now this one gets trickier and takes a little bit of self control, because the cash goes toward your card balance. How we do this is take 5% of what we purchase and put it into the savings. So it is still FREE cash back you have to do the work yourself to save it.

Now to get into these apps I always hear Rebecca talking about, although I honestly hardly listen but shes so darn good at it. These apps are all free and give you cash back on items. Again you need to be careful because if you are buying things you don’t usually buy or need then you are wasting money not saving FREE money. Here are her favorite apps:

  • Ibotta -For us this app is used mostly for groceries. Before we go shopping for the week she will check the app and see if there is anything she has on her list. Some weeks we don’t make much off this app, maybe only the 25 cents for the buy any item rebate. Other weeks, like this week, where she earns some random bonus plus finds multiple items that were on her list she earns $10. Again it is important to only purchase items you had already planned on purchasing or you know will get used. Right now there is $85.75 sitting in the account which we will transfer into our PayPal account and then into our bank account.
  • Checkout 51– Now for us personally this app does not get at much use as Ibotta but we still have $12.55 in the account. It is has had some recent updates and I feel like it is a little more user friendly.
  • Receipt Hog– This is a very slow growing app to start with but gets a little better with each use and as you level up. Right now we only have $5 available but are over half way toward that turning into $15 (which is the next level).
  • EbatesThis is another slow growing income for me because we don’t use it often. She has a shopping problem and when she gets on here it can be dangerous. Honestly this is used mostly around the holidays for gifts. Right now we only have $5.53 in here, but that show’s that we do not use apps for cash back unless we already have an intention of buying an item.
  • Achievements -This is the newest app that she found and has only been using for 1 week. It gives you points for things you already do. If you have a Fitbit, Gear S2, iwatch, or other wearable fit gear you can get points (which transfer to cash) for your steps each day. You can also connect it to things such as My Fitness Pal, Map My Walk and other apps you already use. In the first week of having the app she earned just over 1,000 points. You earn $10 for 10,000 points. It isn’t a quick earn but it is still FREE MONEY!

We would love to hear from you about your favorite cash back apps! Be sure to subscribe so you can see how we manage to go to Disney for FREE or how close we come in such a short time span.


Visiting Salem, Massachusetts on a budget

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This past weekend we headed into Salem, the location of the famous witch hunts, where legends arise. 20170422_122434 Everyone recommended the House of the Seven Gables so we decided to start the day there. Having a little time before our tour began we decided to check out the other buildings on the grounds. The birthplace of Nathaniel Hawthorne, which we learned on our tour was moved to the grounds to be protected, was neat with all the quotes on the walls. There was also this cool half boat for pictures, or to amuse children, that I had to take advantage of since this is the closest I may get him to being on a boat.20170422_120636We don’t want to ruin the tour but I will say that there is a hidden passage involved. That made the whole tour worth while, plus it was pretty interesting.

Just across the road from the House of the Seven Gables is the Ye Olde Pepper Company, which is a must for your visit. We were honestly expecting it to cost a small fortune, because of someones love of chocolate, but found the prices to be within reason. I had also read somewhere to try the old fashioned clove candy and were pleasantly surprised.

We decided to head downtown for lunch at a place called the Scratch Kitchen. As we walked into the cafe we were greeted by 2 servers. After several minutes of them talking to themselves while we looked on, wondering if maybe we were invisible, they did actually acknowledge us. We followed our hostess around the corner and were placed at a 2 seat, rather small table, in the back. We were given a couple menus and told our server would be with us in a few minutes. We both gathered our menus, being ready to eat two of everything on the menu, made up our minds and were ready to give our order. There was probably 7 other people in the cafe, but set up in three other tables, so not over busy. Our minds started to wander to what else we were going to do for the day. We realized we had been sitting there for 10 mins or so with no signs of our server. Rebecca said she was ready to eat the table if somebody didn’t wait on us soon, so off she went to look for our server. She did find her sitting at the front not even aware of us being there. She was very apologetic when she arrived to take our order. I got my all american burger, it is my go to when I am really hungry, I mean how bad can you mess up a burger. Rebecca got a grilled cheese sandwich and some clam chowder, she is the brave one when it comes to ordering new things. We were intrigued by something I have never heard of…bacon dusted fries. I mean its bacon on fries what could be bad about that. The first thing to arrive is her order of clam chowder.20170422_140309 She did her famous smile and went for the first scoop, at this point she usually says ahhh that is good. Those words did not come from her lips today,  instead they were replaced by a mere OK expression. I know she was less then impressed because she never leaves her soup unfinished, but half the cup was remaining when we left. My bacon cheeseburger was typical, maybe a little under cooked, but it was OK. Ready to try those bacon dusted fries, they arrived golden brown with a light white powder coating them. I placed several on my tongue and waited for that heavenly bacon taste to overcome my taste buds but sadly it was replaced with a sweet tasting smoky flavor. Don’t get me wrong it wasnt bad, it was actually pretty good, but when your heart was ready for what only bacon can give you it was just more of a surprise. 20170422_140524 (1)

We finished our lunch and headed out to get to the bottom of these witch stories. Now the nice thing was the red line on the road, yes there is a red line on the sidewalk, as you walk around the town. For me all I could sing in my head was follow the yellow brick road, so off we went our eyes constantly searching for those famous pictures of those churches and stables where you heard of all the stories of where the witches were burned alive and the trees where some of them might have been hung. None of the Salem witches we burned of course that was the European Witch trials. We traveled on that red line for an hour so and about the only thing we saw was store after store, more of an open mall feeling then a spooky old era witch hunt, and several museums ranging in price averaging around $20 for both of us. The were some neat looking buildings and a old cemetery right in town that caught our attention.

Now I guess to some people $10 for a museum is not to bad, but what if you are traveling with a family? Or even decided to check out multiple exhibits? You could easily wander around Salem and spend a small fortune on the tourist trap. We were working with a budget so we decided to head out of town and find a cheaper alternative to the past.

We drove a bit out of town and headed to Winter Island, the home of Fort Pickering. As a history buff I was pretty intrigued even though I had no idea what it was at the time. Its basically an island connected by a causeway that was used as an early settlement in the 1620’s. During its early years it was used for a fish drying and had Salem’s first shipyard and tavern. However the interesting part is during the civil war it was fortified and several bunkers still remain, that were used by the north to store weapons.


After leaving Winter Island we headed into the town of Danvers, which was known as Salem Village at the time of the Salem Witch trials. The infamous Witch Trials ended the lives of 19 by hanging on Gallows Hill, one man was pressed to death by a stones, and many others died in prison. We stopped to visit the memorial that was erected in 1992. There is a sadness and injustice that surrounds this event in history like so many others.20170422_154736

There was one more stop in Danvers that we had to find..the old Danvers State Hospital. This place was renamed many times during it years of operations but this is the most friendly name so we will stick with it. The Danvers State Hospital was operational from 1878 until it finally closed it doors in 1992. It then stood empty until 2006 when it was purchased by a company to build apartments and condo’s. The hospital, which from old photo’s we found online here, was an enormous campus looming way up on a hill.

Now I don’t know about you, but even my enjoyment of all things creepy has its limits. These include what happened in this so called “mental hospital” it just goes to show how far medicine has progressed. Unfortunately now all that remains is a growing cemetery of the forgotten souls that met their end while residing in this hospital. To get to the cemetery you drive  straight, instead of turning into the parking lot of the creepy remains from the past, to a small parking lot on your right. Here is where Rebecca had to do some convincing that she had a clue where to find the cemetery. You follow the sidewalk toward the condo’s and just before they begin there is a gravel path, that I thought was someones drive. Continue down the path toward the woods until you find the opening of the cemetery. There are a growing number of markers being placed with names, instead of just a number, now being connected to the decaying remains that lay beneath. It is somewhat encouraging that there is now a committee that meets to recall the patients name and match them with a grave in the cemetery. While we were there nothing supernatural was spotted, much to her delight and my dismay, but don’t get discouraged we will always try and find something out of the ordinary and maybe other worldly on our trips.


Overall we spent around $60 for the day, now we could have saved money by packing a picnic lunch or doing some research for a cheaper meal. But blame it on those bacon dusted fries…..we couldn’t say no. But for the day the only things that we of any cost were the House of the Seven Gables and lunch. The remainder of our trip was free. I do believe that to park on Winter Island during the summer months may have a fee associated with it. We lucked out that there was no sign of needing to pay on the day we were there.


Top things to see In Silver City Idaho

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Silver City, Idaho- It’s worth the dirt road drive!
Just over 70 miles southwest of Boise is an intriguing part of history called Silver City. It named after the rich silver and gold mines that once led prosperity to this now forgotten town. There were over 250 active mines being used during its peak. Back in the day it was the cream of the crop, being the Owyhee county seat, but now it is a former shell of its once booming economy.. There are still 70 buildings, most not restored, dating from the 1860’s to the early 1900’s. This gives you a glimpse of what the architectural plans were for that time period. It was like taking a step back in time as you meander through town.

Arriving in town I parked outside of the hotel which you can still stay in. The Idaho Hotel, mirroring its 1800’s glory, was originally constructed in Ruby City just a mile down the road. But after Silver City was upgraded to the county seat in 1866 the hotel was moved to the current location. Sitting three stories high this once glorious hotel was undergoing some much needed restoration. It gives you a great view into the past and is definitely a must see when you visit. After leaving the hotel I wandered into Pat’s What-Not Shop. The woman inside was both friendly and informative. She told me that the homes are privately owned and during the winter months there are only one or two people at most who live there. They are there to keep an eye on things and greet the adventurous people on snowmobiles.

As I wandered around town there were some cows grazing over near the campgrounds. The cows looked as lackadaisical as a tumbleweed blowing across the roads, both visions fitting for this experience. The campgrounds were a typical fire pit and a plot of land accompanied by a stake in the ground with a lot number on it. There are no frills here but they are free sites so who cares. The water at the Silver City campground is from the Jordan creek and there were several signs that had the warning “High Mercury levels from mining. caution should be exercised”. This is where I got the idea that maybe some supplies were needed for these adventures such as a portable water filter.

I then continued my self guided tour and wandered through the streets, one of which was named “Dead Mans Alley”, trying to imagine what life would have been like back then. I passed many store fronts and even a little park. Passing many houses, including a large house on top of the hill, wondering who had lived there. I passed the old schoolhouse and eventually found my way over to the Our Lady of Tears Catholic Church. This magnificent beauty is situated on a hill towering over the town. I did not bother going up to the church because it was not open. I was told, after I had visited of course, that there is a fisheye lens in the keyhole to the church so if you visit take a peak for me. It appears they still hold church services here once a month in the summer, or if you choose you can have your wedding here. You can check the Silver City website to see when updated church services are.

There is an open house once a year that has ten or more buildings and homes that can be viewed by the public. Planning ahead and car-pooling is recommended since parking is limited and the open house draws more attention.  Sadly I  missed this by one week when I was here. But we may have to plan another trip here in the future just to get a glimpse inside these unique homes. Another thing I missed was the cemetery. It is on the right side if you are coming into town. I was still new to this whole adventure thing and afraid to go in search of it on my own so I didn’t see it until I was leaving. Lesson learned and now I always seek out the stranger things in these small towns.

There are several hiking options available nearby. One of them being Hayden Peak. With an elevation of 8403 feet it will have even the most adventurous soul tested. They are rewarded with some breathtaking views at the top though. Here is a link to other hiking trails nearby that ranging from easy to advanced.

Visiting this piece of history proves yet again that if it is down, or up in this case, a dirt road it is worth the trip. Just know that those last 20 miles up Silver City Road are not for the faint of heart. The ever faithful Google maps will tell you those 20 miles take around 50 minutes, and trust me you will want to take your time for this drive. I was still driving my ford focus rental so 4 wheel drive is not a must, but it is recommended. They say that you can drive an RV up for use in the campground…..I personally wouldn’t recommend it. Now mind you this is a summer or fall destination since the road is closed from November 1st until the Friday before Memorial Day.


Hiking season almost upon us

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Preparing for hiking season:

Hiking can mean many different things to people. For some it is only hiking if you go straight up a mountain side, while others think of a walk in the woods as hiking. Personally we go for both forms of “hiking” and everything in between. You see when I first got the hiking bug I wasn’t in shape, and I sure as hell didn’t exercise. I learned early on to make sure I listen to my body, and go at a pace that worked for my level of fitness. I would also recommend hiking with someone in similar shape. Nothing is worse than going hiking with someone you can’t keep up with or someone who is ready to turn back in a mile or so, when you had plans for an all day hike.

Hiking requires cardiovascular health as well as strength. Did you know that your average daypack weighs in at around 15lbs. That is just for a day long hike so if you are going to be doing some multi day trips with a tent, sleeping bag, extra clothes, cooking gear, and food you can see where the pounds can add up. Of course you can shave off some pounds by purchasing ultralight gear but that can increase your overall cost.

What is the best way to prepare for hiking? Well the obvious answer is to get out into the woods and hike. For most people though this just isn’t realistic. So I came up with an alternative that we will use this year to get trail ready. Rebecca usually does 5-6 days of cardio averaging 30-45 minutes a day, while Dennis is more the 3 day a week cardio man. We wanted to add in some strengthening exercises that would benefit our hiking plans for this summer. Going to the gym has never been either of our styles so we do all of our workouts at home. This means hitting the stair climber is not going to happen so we have to go for a more natural route. Three sets of 15 repetitions using each leg as your lead.

Step Ups: Using our front step (or heading to the beach and using the stairs there for a workout with a view) face the stairs and step up with your right foot, then bring your left foot up, take your right foot down, bring your left foot down.

Week 1-body weight only

Week 2– 5lb dumbbells in each hand

Week 3 and up– Wear your backpack and increase the weight up to 40lbs gradually


Step Downs: Turning your body away from the steps and step up with the right foot, bring your left foot up, step your right foot down, bring your left foot down to starting position.

Week 1-body weight only

Week 2-5lb dumbbell in each hand

Week 3 and up-wear your backpack and increase the weight up to 40lbs gradually

Walking Lunges: Stand with your feet together. Your first step forward with your right foot bending both legs at a 90 degree angle. Then step backward with your right foot, again bending both legs at a 90 degree angle.

 Week 1-body weight only

Week 2-5lb dumbbell in each hand

Week 3 and up-wear your backpack and increase the weight up to 40lbs gradually

We have also added in 3 sets of 50 calf raises done throughout the day.



Disclaimer: We are in no way experts on physical fitness. These are exercises we have added into our routine to prepare for hiking season. You should always consult your doctor before beginning an exercise regimen.