Which New Boots For Hiking??

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So one of our next purchases will be some new camping gear and looking for some advice on what to get. We are needing some decent boots, sleeping blankets, backpacks, and then we will be doing some reviews on them after the purchase and along the road to tell you what we like and what we don’t like so much.

The first purchase will be some nice boots we are looking for something of course lightweight and durable and of course waterproof. We have several trips planned this summer from day hikes to some over nighters as well. Currently I’m sporting some GEN-X from Dunham sports.

These have been decent hiking boots after a year they still have good tread left on them and the leather is holding up well. Along with they still shed water pretty well. Although they seem pretty heavy to me and for the longer trips, we plan this year I’m not sure they will be the best fit for my baby soft feet.

We are looking to stay under the $175ish price point and an over the ankle boot as well, Midweight boots seem to be the best compromise between comfort,weight and durability. One of the boots I’m leaning toward is the

Salomon X Ultra Mid II GTX Hiking Boot

The key concepts of this boot being a midweight boot are the flexibility and the lightweight these are some of the lightest midweight boots available right now they also offer good toe protection as well and have good grip and tread to match.

However there are some downsides to the midweight boots being and the most important is lack of sole protection and they don’t quite offer the over the ankle protection of the full heavyweight boots that are out there as well they also don’t perform as well when wearing a heavy backpack due to the softness of the sole , feeling every rock on your foot does not make for a good hiking experience .

So if anyone has any recommendation please leave them in the comments section, it would be very helpful.