How to go to Disney World for FREE!

We have decided that a trip to Disney World is going to happen in December. Between the cash back apps that she uses, and tells me about every time we go to the store, and the cash back on our credit cards we plan on pretty much going to Disney for free or really darn close. You see we don’t want to open up multiple new credit cards for the sing on rewards. After all who wants 15 credit cards that have to fumble thru your wallet and/or $300 purse (just kidding she at least has restraint on expensive purses) to find the right one, just to get the bonus. We are strictly using what we already have at our disposal.  Now a couple different things I feel like I need to mention.

  • This is a quickly planned trip on a shorter time span than most people would use for Disney World…we leave in 6 months! With that being said we may not have all the money earned before we take this trip. You would need to look at your time frame for saving.
  • We do have $532 saved up as of June 10, 2017, one week after we decided to take the trip. This is all FREE money but it was earned before we started planning this trip.
  • Our trip is for 3 people for 4 nights on a Disney Resort, with 3 days in the parks, and park hopper tickets, we also decided to splurge on a night at Mickey’s Merry Christmas Party. Our trip total for all these things plus our flight (3 round trip tickets on Spirit from Akron OH with luggage included) is $2484. This does not include food of course.

The most important thing you can do is use your cash back credit card on everything and I mean everything. You want some gum when you walk in a gas station bam use the card! The second most important thing you do is pay off those cards each month. If you can’t afford to pay off what you put on there when you make the purchase DO NOT do it. That would make this method counterproductive because you would be paying the interest charges.

  • Pay attention to what cash back perks your cards offer. It will beneficial to use different cards at different places.
    • We use a Chase Freedom card for everyday purchases with 1.5% cash back on all purchases.
    • Chase Disney Reward Visa for Disney related purchases as well as some monthly bills right now, they have a special going on where you get 4% for:
      • Insurance
      • Phone Bills
      • Cable
      • Internet
      • Utilities
    • For anything we purchase on Amazon we have our Amazon Prime Store Card. Now this one gets trickier and takes a little bit of self control, because the cash goes toward your card balance. How we do this is take 5% of what we purchase and put it into the savings. So it is still FREE cash back you have to do the work yourself to save it.

Now to get into these apps I always hear Rebecca talking about, although I honestly hardly listen but shes so darn good at it. These apps are all free and give you cash back on items. Again you need to be careful because if you are buying things you don’t usually buy or need then you are wasting money not saving FREE money. Here are her favorite apps:

  • Ibotta -For us this app is used mostly for groceries. Before we go shopping for the week she will check the app and see if there is anything she has on her list. Some weeks we don’t make much off this app, maybe only the 25 cents for the buy any item rebate. Other weeks, like this week, where she earns some random bonus plus finds multiple items that were on her list she earns $10. Again it is important to only purchase items you had already planned on purchasing or you know will get used. Right now there is $85.75 sitting in the account which we will transfer into our PayPal account and then into our bank account.
  • Checkout 51– Now for us personally this app does not get at much use as Ibotta but we still have $12.55 in the account. It is has had some recent updates and I feel like it is a little more user friendly.
  • Receipt Hog– This is a very slow growing app to start with but gets a little better with each use and as you level up. Right now we only have $5 available but are over half way toward that turning into $15 (which is the next level).
  • EbatesThis is another slow growing income for me because we don’t use it often. She has a shopping problem and when she gets on here it can be dangerous. Honestly this is used mostly around the holidays for gifts. Right now we only have $5.53 in here, but that show’s that we do not use apps for cash back unless we already have an intention of buying an item.
  • Achievements -This is the newest app that she found and has only been using for 1 week. It gives you points for things you already do. If you have a Fitbit, Gear S2, iwatch, or other wearable fit gear you can get points (which transfer to cash) for your steps each day. You can also connect it to things such as My Fitness Pal, Map My Walk and other apps you already use. In the first week of having the app she earned just over 1,000 points. You earn $10 for 10,000 points. It isn’t a quick earn but it is still FREE MONEY!

We would love to hear from you about your favorite cash back apps! Be sure to subscribe so you can see how we manage to go to Disney for FREE or how close we come in such a short time span.