My review Of DJI Mavic Pro

I found myself doing a lot of back and forth on this one, did I really need to buy a drone for entertainment? But let’s face it aerial shots are much cooler than the average run of the mill ground shots! After a few weeks of doing some research I narrowed my choice to three drones. The first being the rather new Go Pro Drone, second the DJI Phantom 4, and finally the DJI Mavic Pro.

For my personal choice I went with the DJI Mavic Pro. It came down to the ability to travel with it. This drone has a smaller footprint (weighing in at only 1.62 lbs) to begin with, but when you fold it up it becomes extremely portable.

It also has a very nice camera that can shoot in 4k resolution up to 30 FPS. It comes with everything you need to fly right out of the box. You get a nice controller that has all the information you need to fly your drone for in sight flights only. Hooking up a cell phone or tablet greatly increases your view of flying and really is the best way to enjoy the full features of the craft. I will say that while a tablet enables you to have a larger viewing screen we found that her Samsung Tab A had a very choppy video feed. Also in the kit comes a battery and charger with all the wiring you need to connect it to a wall outlet or USB charging as well. Lastly you get extra propellers for when you let your significant other attempt to fly it.

After getting this bad boy all charged up, it takes about an hour to charge the battery and controller, I was ready to attempt my first flight. Both the battery and controller can be charged at the same time using the same power pack. After I got it all hooked up to my Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge and patched the firmware to the current patch I pushed the start button and it was alive. All 4 glorious motors turning in tandem to keep the beast at a steady 5 feet. The controller lets you know how many satellites it has locked on to its position. This helps with return home feature, one of them most important features you need to know before flying this bird out of sight. Within seconds I was up to 150 feet and soaring through the clear blue yonder, the picture on the camera was crystal clear and the drone responds almost instantly giving you a great birds eye view.

A single charge kept the drone in the air for 23 minutes, which is not to bad. I do suggest buying another battery (or two) if you plan on  spending any real extended time trying to capture some great footage or that perfect shot.

There is only one real accessory I would recommend, other than additional batteries, and that would be a carrying case. I bought this one, from amazon and it is specifically for the Mavic.

This particular case comes with a strap you can toss over your shoulder for those long hikes and everything fits in it perfectly (I even had the additional landing gear attached). I purchased the landing gear separately and while these are nice to keep your gimble out of the grass and dirt they are not a must have. Overall I would definitely recommend this product. I will be doing some still photos and video footage which I will be posting with some of the travel blogs. If you have any questions ask away.